The Bruiser

June 2003


See, I just got this idea into my head as I was sitting at work one night, about power-sources for clockwork-style limbs, such as you find in some of the more bizarre fantasy settings. Usually, they're just magically powered, and that's the end of it. Sometimes, they need to be wound-up from time to time. I had this idea about a chemically-powered limb; like, perhaps different alchemical mixtures could be fed into a simple engine inside of it, and the resultant chemical reaction could power the whole shebang, like a steam engine. Next thing I knew, I was sketching away.

The different glass containers jutting conspicuously out of the mechanical chestplate, of course, are these different chemicals. Not very practical, granted, but I did and do still like the concept, visually.

This was one of my very earliest pieces of art which I coloured by means of photoshop. The results are pretty crude and sketchy, but there are ideas in this design which I remain fond of.