The Cocktopus

April 2004

Born out one man's beautiful dream of a naturally boneless free-range chicken which could also be served as a part of a seafood platter comes the most magnificent and versatile creature in the animal kingdom:

The Cocktopus.

These genetically engineered creatures enjoyed tremendous popularity in the years following their release onto the market, most notably on the island nation of Japan, where uses were found for it not only in the culinary arts, but also extensively in the adult film industry.

Inevitably, however, the world as we knew it proved incapable of playing host to a creature so fine. Some few of these noble creatures found their way, one by one and two by two, out of their coastal pens, escaping into the reefs and shoals of most of the countries of the world. There, their prolific egg-laying tendances led to an explosion of population quite beyond the world's capacity to absorb. The ecological damage was catastrophic and irreversible.

As the oceanic food chain collapsed, so too went that of the land, and before long, little was left in the world that was not able to adapt to this cocktopus-spawned world. Within a century of the hatching of the first of these most magnificent of beasts, the Cocktopus reigned supreme; the undisputed lords of creation.