February 2005

This is Fighterman! Fighterman is strong! Fighterman is tall! Fighterman fights for truth and justice! Fighterman has no patience for evil and injustice! Nor does Fighterman have patience for pronouns! Pronouns are weak and lazy, and Fighterman is strong and energetic!

When evil is about to occur, Fighterman appears on the scene to defeat and/or prevent that evil! When the sinister George W. Bush emerges from the stronghold of evils which men can the White House, Fighterman is there to fight with Bush! Fighterman fights with Bush and Fighterman wins! Bush retreats back into the White House to plot further evil, but Fighterman only smiles! Fighterman knows he can with ease defeat George W. Bush again next time, because Fighterman is strong and tall! He is Fighterman! Fighterman!

Is Fighterman a man from the future? Is Fighterman a robot? A cyborg? Perhaps Fighterman is a benevolent fighting being from outer space! It is difficult to know! Difficult to know because Fighterman does not waste time with explanations of things like origins! Fighterman has only time for fighting! Fighting evil and injustice! Fighterman!

Fighterman has no time for Santa Claus! What good does Santa Claus do? Santa Claus rewards the good, but does not fight the evil! Santa Claus is not strong and tall! Fighterman is strong and tall! Fighterman tells Santa Claus he is short and weak, and Fighterman is right! Fighterman! Fighterman! Fighterman will fight with you if you are evil, because Fighterman will then have no patience for you! He will punish you, because he is Fighterman! Fighterman!

When good things begin to happen, it is almost always because of Fighterman! Because Fightermaan is fighting! When bad things occur, it only means that Fighterman is about to start fighting to make these bad things stop happening! That is the way of Fighterman, because he is Fighterman! All children love Fighterman, and all adults who are not evil also love him! If you do not love him, it is plainly because you are evil, and so Fighterman will wight you! And Fighterman will win, because Fighterman is strong and tall! All others are weak and short by comparison to Fighterman! Escpecially those who are evil! Fighterman! Fighterman! Fighterman!


Fighterman! Fighterman!