August 2005

I had a dream one night.

There were these three creatures prowling about late at night. They reminded me of a cross between a gorilla and an alligator, with a touch of mastiff in the outline. Their flesh was like glass; translucent and very shiny. Their bones, within that flesh, were ordinary, though, and opaque. Their nervous systems glowed a bright purple, casting a light throughout their bodies, causing their entire glassy forms to glow softly. In the pale darkness, they were the only visible light source, casting a nimbus of light around them and upon the ground they walked on.

I felt the need, upon waking up, to do some artwork.

I haven't drawn in the nervous system here because, in the event that I should want to colour this one, replacing the black lines of pencil work would just be more trouble than it's worth. Instead, I would just draw those in on the computer.