June 2003


This character will always have a special place in my heart, because, while my father never seemed to have any reaction aside from a grunt and a nod to any piece of artwork I might create, he visibly flinched at the sight of this one. I smiled to myself, thinking “I finally reached him”.

So, this frankensteinian monster was another outgrowth of the same setting which spawned so many of my creations at that time. The concept, to a degree, should be an obvious one: A creature which was not only a product of multiple creatures of various species being stitched together, but was indeed the product of several of the same part of different bodies being forced into one frame.

I rather like the doleful look in the eyes, as he handles the chain which is surgically attached to his neck; surely he’s strong enough to simply snap it and leave his captivity, and he knows it. But then what? Where is there for such a creature to go? What is there to do? The chain is merely a symbol of his far more profound captivity within his own body.