Jeff Davis (1 of 2)

October 2003

Does it look like I've put a bit more detail work into the design for this puppy than usual? Good eye! There's a reason for this: This is one of several bits of commissioned art I've been doing lately. A fellow I know wanted some pictures of his character, Jeff, whom he plays in an online roleplaying game (specifically, White Wolf's New Bremen game), and wanted some visuals for.

So, for this piece: Poor ol' Jeff was a talented stunt man who had the ill fortune to receive third-degree burns, body-wide; such that his scars were beyond the scope of cosmetic surgery to put right. The character, at this point was described to me as being similar to Al Simmons from Spawn. I actually went a little bit more the Freddy Krueger look. The outfit's design is based upon the idea that he had been - until quite recently - a successfull and well-to-do stuntman; well-dressed, but in a rugged sort of manner.

So, yeah. Go look at #2.