April 2004

Second in a set. There will be more.

Kirby, the delightful little pink star of the Nintendo game series of the same name, eats. There are other aspects to what he does, but basically, that's what it boils down to. He eats, and he grows strong. There seems no limit to what he can consume, and nothing is ever excreted. That which disappears down his cavernous maw is nevr seen again.

So it seemed to me that this intellectual descendant of Pac Man ought to look a little toothier. And have digestive enzymes in his mouth capable of dissolving flesh and steel with equal ease.

Here, the great devourer screams with rage at the thought that he might not be able to consume the distant stars themselves, atop a mound from which he can see the fields which lay barren and scoured-clean of life by his ravenous hunger for miles upon miles in all directions...