Sanford "Locomotive Knuckles" Sanders

November 2005

Ah, the 19th century.

For whatever reason, I've grown increasingly fond of the peculiar aesthetics of the late1800's lately, and this concept grew out of it. I suppose it fits within the 'stemapunk' genre, though this wasn't a factor in my original conception. I just wanted to create a 19th century gentleman with huge, clunky, steam-powered power gauntlets. The high-polish gleam of the metal worked out better than I'd anticipated, and I think I may use some of the technique I employed here elsewhere.

I'd intended for this fellow to have a cartoony look to him; bold black lines and simple shapes, with slightly exaggerated facial features. In the end, this is the one element of the design I'm not entirely satisfied with. Though it worked out well enough, I suppose in retrospect I might have preferred to draw his face in a more realistic manner.

As an added note, when I originally coloured this, it was in bright, vivid colour, but I realized that it might be more thematic to wash it all out, like an old sepia-toned photograph which has faded somewhat with age.