in "Fungus Fantastique"

September 2004

This is a good picture, isn't it?

Here's something I was thinking about with regards to the Mario series: In this world, you can eat a mushroom which will instantaneously double your height. If I were to eat one, I would become twelve foot six. As an added bonus, my clothes would grow propotionately along with me. Think about that. Think about the sense of power involved with suddenly being that massive. Think about being able to stride across the land, towering above those who had, moments ago, been able to look you straight in the eyes.

I would get drunk with that power. it would drive me mad. I would be kicking cars over. I would be tossing people out of my way. No force on earth would be able to stop my unbelievable ego, as this simple fungus made me asa god among men.

I'd be ready to smash.

So think about that idea when you look at Mario's younger, thinner brother here... and know fear. For he has tasted of the fungus, and he will not be stopped.