September, 2004

One of a set of Nintendo Characters I decided to distort a trifle, this here is MegaMan.

Here was my thinking: MegaMan was the product of Dr. Light taking his housekeeping robot and turning him into a killing machine, when Dr. Wily set loose a sextet of killer industrial robots on the world. Now, Dr. Light wouldn't have had a lot of time to get his robotic defender out there. It would have to be a rush job. We've all seen how ugly it is when you try to turn, say, a car into a boat. The results are never elegant. And Dr. Light wouldn't have had the time to MAKE it look nice, right? So I figure the result would look... well, a little crude. Maybe the behavioural subroutines would be a little off. Maybe some of the parts wouldn't fit 100% right. It seems to me that it should just look a lot more awkward. Like if you decided to make a machine gun out of a vacuum cleaner, you know? As a machine gun, it just wouldn't look quite... right. Ditto here.



Fighterman! Fighterman!