February 2005



Hah! I love this hideous old thing. Some months back, I was riding on the bus, and there was this hideous old woman who was sitting right across from me. Morbidly obese. I can't believe she's lived as long as she has. And her chin is... sticking out of her face, right? Like a weird nipple sticking out of her neck just below her lower lip. And you know, I just fell in love with that hideous chin. I whipped out my sketchbook and did what has to be the single most unflattering caricature ever devised by man. Spent a good long while hand-shading it and everything. Now, I never showed this picture to the woman in question, which is perhaps a mercy. But here's the thing. By having said this, ANY woman who's been riding busses in the greater Vancouver area, and who's sort of insecure about her weight and past her prime sees this, she could think this is her, right? Man!

So anyways. My friend Colin, he's a son of a bitch. He's always ragging on me about how I don't do enough backgrounds for my pictures. Doesn't matter if it's just a character design, it's like he wants a fucking three ring circus behind the figure in the foreground. Half the time, right? Half the time I don't give a shit, because the picture is not ABOUT any given scene; it's just about the figure in the foreground. It's a character design, right? This time, though, I can't make that claim. So I start looking around for inspiration for the background. Finally, I settle upon this "wasteland" motif. About three hours later, it's all done, nice and detailed, and then I realize I'm going to have to blur the shit out of it just to give the right sense of perspective. Damn you, Colin. Damn you for pushing this on me! Wuuuuuaaaarghhhh!!!



Fighterman! Fighterman!