August 2005

After too long a break, a new body painting set. Once again capably photographed by the inimitable Erich Saide, this set stars the lovely miss Meta Vaughn in the first of what I hope will be many sets with my work.

Not a lot of people know this, but Vancouver, British Columbia is, climatologically, a temperate rainforest. And though I've done sets in little neighborhood parks before, going out into an actual old growth rainforest for a set is a whole other thing, especially in the middle of summer. Lush, verdant, and rich with colour, it seemed to beg a bright, vivid colour scheme. This tribal primitive motif suited it perfectly.

The specific curves and contours of this design were crafted quite specifically around the curves of Meta's body. While I will often - indeed, usually - re-fit an existing design to it a particular model, this is one of a very few cases where the design was actually built around her body from the ground up, making it one of my most elegant designs yet, in its fit.

The full set can be viewed here.