June 2003

This character design is one which I remain quite fond of. It’s one of those cases where the character concept grew organically out of what I had established about the setting already, and the visual was one which grew organically out of that.

The concept was this : This character was an unfortunate and unwilling recipient of a process of skin grafts which had been taken from a captive demonic entity. And not just any demonic entity, but one taken from an infernal afterlife for the souls of fallen dragons. Thus, I reasoned, these demons ought to be about as similar to dragons in form as the usual depiction of demons are to humans. After coming up with a rough design for what these demons might look like in their native state, I then worked from there, applying elements of their bodies to that of this otherwise ordinary woman.

The concept I was working from was that, once this graft had taken, it gradually began to spread, essentially replacing parts of her body from the inside out with corresponding parts of the original creature. The result is a rather tortured form, and a character who had lost touch with her essential humanity and allowed herself to be seen as the horrendous monster she increasingly resembled.