August, 2005

"Dave! Draw a robot dinosaur! Draw a robot dinosaur, Dave!"

"FINE! HERE! Here's your stupid robot dinosaur! Now shut up and leave me alone, voices in my head! Sheesh!"'.

Sometimes there's a picture that you don't even necessarily want to draw, but for some un-namable reason, you NEED to draw. In my case, this was it. What drove me to it, I fear I shall never know. I do know, though, that I like that otherwise-featureless faceplate with the crude pictogram of an eye painted onto it. That bit there is just neat. And those hands. I envision them making horrible clicking noises with every gesture. And I envision them gesturing quite a bit. This, to my mind, is unsettling. Oh, and those smokestacks on its back! That's just nuts!