The Septic Butcher

June 2003


Credit where credit's due: Though I created the concept and sketch for this character, my best friend and infrequent collaborator, BJ Summers tweaked it a bit in ways I wholeheartedly approved of... until I tweaked them yet further and came up with this third draft.

Anyhoo, this absurdly-lengthy-to-draw character originally sprang out of my need to create the most grotesque demonic concept I could. So I figured, "Okay, creatures with nearly-but-not-quite-human silhouettes are pretty upsetting to look at. And so is raw sewage." Boom. Concept born.

My only gripe with this design, in retrospect, is that the septic waste didn’t quite have the right texture to it. If I were to do this again today, I have a better idea of how I would give it the stomach-turning feel it deserves”.