January 2004

Ah-ha! After months of planning to planning to, multi-talented photographer Trevor Alan Yee and I finally managed to collaborate on a project, and here be the results! Let the adoration consume you!

This is also the second set I've done with this model, Nicky, who had previously posed for the "Deco Grande" set, and who plays the part of Charlotte in my widely-adored comic strip, Dave & Vyacheslav.

So anyway. A much more sombre piece than usual, which I rather like.My only real complaint is that, since all three assistants we were to have had on-hand flaked on us, certain details had to be omitted for the sake of time, resulting in a simpler designs than had been called-for. Nevertheless, there is elegance in simplicity, as I think these photos bear out.

The full set can be viewed here.