October 2005

I'm really quite fond of the background here. Easily the most detailed I've ever done. Though as a rule I don't enjoy the process of lavishing attention upon trees and rocks and such, in this case, I'm most proud of the result .

As to the creature in question here, I was inspired by a couple of different factors. I had recently seen a pair of slugs mating late at night, and the raw bizarrenes of their reproductive anatomy was enough to stick with me until the end of my days. So, when I decided I wanted to create a creature with lots of soft, flowing lines, and no hard edges, modelling it after those creepy flugs and their oozing, tendril-like extrusions was a natural fit.

I tried out some new lighting techniques here, and for the first time, made good use of Photoshop's soft light blending mode; to good effect, I think. I think I'll be using a lot more from now on, now that I've got it down.