Yeti Vs. Jaws

September, 2005

So a friend of mine and I were talking about stupid, mis-matched fights. For some reason, as it turns out, HE thinks it's stupid to have a yeti fight Jaws. I say it is not the idea which is stupid, but rather HE who is stupid! It would be awesome if a yeti were to fight Jaws! I envision that yeti being dropped out of the back of an airborn helicopter into the tropical ocean, spear in hand, all bristling with predatory fury, and splashing down right next to the great white shark. A fierce struggle ensues, but the yeti, he is too smart for that stupid shark! He keeps clear of his mighty teeth, and sticks his spear up into Jaws's tender underbelly. Oh, no! Jaws is mortally wounded! He thrashes about, trying to dislodge the arctic intruder, but to no avail! The coarse skin of the shark proves his undoing, as the yeti holds fast, digging deeper and deeper with his primitive weapon! Soon, Jaws goes still and quiet. The battle is won! The yeti swims back to shallow waters, his fallen prey in tow. As soon as he is knee-deep, he skins the mighty beast, and takes his hide as a cloak to wear! A shark skin cloak! Who would ever mess with a yeti wearing the skin of jaws as a trophy of war? Nobody, that's who! They'd just steer right clear! 'Cause a yeti who fought Jaws and won would be THAT impressive! And certainly NOT stupid at all!