Chris is an angry young man who lives in the same building as Dave & Vyacheslav, and, much like Dave, is a necromancer of no small skill. Unlike Dave, however, he actually takes his shit seriously, and holds this over Dave's head like you wouldn't believe.

This is in no small part due to the fact that Chris was the one who introduced Dave to the art of Necromancy, but has since completely lost control of his protoge. Things have only gotten worse on this score since, unbeknownst to Dave, Chris has been removed as his mentor, by an enigmatic figure named Winter, and replaced by Charlotte Tosh, another Necromancer whom Chris shares a past with, not a great deal of which is known about yet...

He brought the famed pirate Captain Henry Morgan back from the dead some time back, and the captain has been living with him as a manservant of sorts ever since. Their relationship is somewhat less antagonistic than that between Dave & Vyacheslav, probably because Chris is so quick to defend the guy, come what may.

First Appearance: Strip #36


Chris Langmuir as himself