Dave Littler is a artist who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and who dabbles disastrously and inexpertly in the field of Necromancy. The first result of this hobby was the zombification of Andy Kaufman. The second was the ressurection of VM Molotov. He's not entirely proud of either, but he remains undaunted and, perhaps more overtly, unappologetic.

It has become clear that even among the often eccentric and bizarre secret community of necromancers, Dave is something of an oddity, posessing powers never before seen. What this means, for him or in the larger picture, has yet to be seen.

As often frustrated by the craziness of the life he's found himself living as he is quick to contribute to it, Dave is either his own worst enemy, his own spirit guide, or his own third thing.

First Appearance: Strip #1

Dave Littler as himself