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"Part two of a five-part distraction from the main storyline".

"And egads! An EARLY update? When has that EVER happened? Surely we have taken a trip up each of our own asses, for clearly we are living in some crazy, oblivious-to-reality fantasy world!"

"This is actually the first of the five I coloured, so I consider it the weakest of the five. Still, theres's stuff I quite like here. The main complaint I have is that, having a single script which was not envisioned originally as a five-parter divvied up into five parts, it's tough to have the ha-ha-ha on each page. In the way I usually work out a script, I can ensure at least one good laugh per strip. It may take me thirteen panels to get there, but by Jehova's curly pubes, I get there! To the credit of my artistic collaboratior, Feather of Ornegon, there's a good chuckle, at minimum, per page, owing, perhaps, to her knack for sight gags. More of that to come".

"So, anyways, I gotta get moving. Things to do. Things to do. But in the meantime, check out the new voting incentive. A new response to some reader mail, this time courtesy of everyone's favourite cannibal".

"If you like these reader mail things, might I humbly suggest you contribute by e-mailing a character of your choice a question? A little hint: I'm rather fond of people asking for advice..."