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"So, I've learned a valuable lesson here".

"Guest art is tremendously exciting to me and satisfying to my ego, but it has its drawbacks. I've watched my place on TWC slipping precipitously since my miraculous return, and have watched it with growing chagrin".

"I think a part of it is that my humour is structured with the ten-to-thirteen-panels-per-page format in mind, and that spreading twenty three panels out over five pages and then posting them twice a week is ungood. The line art is good. I'm really proud of my colouring (especially on page five here), but my scripts aren't written with this stuff in mind. If I'm going to do this sort of thing, the humour has to be punchier and denser. There's something else which Maggie Bones and I are working on, in which the humour is a good deal faster-paced, and I think that will work, but I think that'll be offered as voting incentives or something, instead of main-page updates".

"And speaking of voting incentives, a new once is coming up very soon. Still, I ain't getting nearly as much fan mail as I'd thought or hoped I would, which is giving me less fodder than I'd like to see".

"Anyways! Regular updates resume this weekend!"



"If you like these reader mail things, might I humbly suggest you contribute by e-mailing a character of your choice a question? A little hint: I'm rather fond of people asking for advice..."