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"Okay, we're back".

"I'm not going to make any excuses for the lacklustre update schedule lately; my creativity is lie a light switch; it has two positions: On and Off. Sadly, it's a light switch which is out in the hallway while I'm sitting on the can in the washroom. And should the light be switched off, I'm in a poor, poor position to turn it back on without having to do something fairly upsetting first. That's where it's been this past month".

"This having been said, it's on the 'on' position right now, and I think I've found a way to keep it there. It involves having bought some advertising space on David Anez's Bob And George. This way, I hope, I'll be too ashamed to miss an update, knowing I'll have an expanded reader-base to answer to if I do. Let's hoping this scheme works out. I know my psychosis well, and I suspect it will be a potent weapon in the ongoing war against my laziness".





















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