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"So, we're back".

"Am I feeling better? Well, maybe a little. Probably not a lot. But I'm planning on sticking around"

"Thanks go out to all the fans who contacted me in the interim to lend me a bit of support, offer some advice, or just to let me know they cared. Alex Ernst, Andre Bakarat, Eowyn Ancalime, Robert Muller, Asha Demar, Joseph Kovell, Bill Honeywill, Paul Reeve, 'd theman', and Chris Evans, I salute you".

"So, onwards and upwards! Got a new TagBoard over on the right there. Go ahead. Use it. Chatter like mad. Go nuts. All I ask is that if you're going to swear, don't censor it. It offends me".

"And a new goal: I wish to reach a point where I'm getting 1,000 hits a day. Before the break, I was getting maybe 200 a day. This means I have a long way to go. Anyone who feels like lending me a hand, know ye this: I shall do what it takes to make it worth your while to help me in this noble ambition".