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"Hot damn! Another storyline finished"!

"So, okay. The site's metamorphosing a bit, as you may have noticed. More is on the way, soon enough. For my own part, the biggest changes are the tagboard you see immediately to the right there, which seems to be going well, a bunch of link buttons for your use at the bottom there, and the links up top there to vote for D&V on a couple of webcomics lists".

"So, what's the deal with these? Okay. Check 'em out. It'll take you five seconds to cast a vote, and with enough of them, D&V will get a dandy-as-the-sky-itself listing on these oft-visited sites. I ask you - nay, beg you - to take the time to click them every day. Like, regardless of whether or not there's a new strip that day. I crave publicity, and I can think of no cheaper, surer way to get it than this. If you're a fan of the site, then here's a chance to give something back; ten seconds of effort a day. You folks are good, right? Good folks? Good folks do good things, as I understand it, and make NO mistake. This, my friends, this is a good thing".