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"Real old-school strip here. There was a moment when I was considering giving it a flat orange background, like I did for much of the first stoy arc".

"And hey, things are going well: We're creeping up there on those two top-100 lists. I hope that within the week, we'll be in the top 10 of one, and the top 50 of the other".

"This having been said, I still feel like things are prograssing too slowly. Part of the reason for this is that I have no paypal account, which makes getting ad space very tricky. So, here's a deal I'm willing to offer: Anyone with a PayPal account who gets us some ad space on a popular comic strip shall be granted the greatest reward any reader can ever hope for : A guest appearance in the strip. Fuck yes".

"So, if you're up for it, e-mail me. at ad_man@bjorn-comic.com. And in the mean time, ask yourself : What's in the shampoo"?