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"I know this one's a bit brief. Don't worry; the next several strips are quite a bit longer. I ain't slacking; this one just didn't need to be very long in order to do what it needed to".

"As a bonus, check this out: I was looking for some pictures of Vyacheslav down at the library today, and I found this painting of him that made me laugh out loud. It shows him and Stalin walking, all casual and happy, through aflower-strewn field, with a bunch of kids. It's so uncharacteristic of Molotov that I couldn't keep from making a copy. Seems it's post-WW2 propoganda, showing the leaders of the Soviet Union just chillin' and enjoying nature's bounty, so as to instill in the workers and peasants of the USSR with a new sense of hope. I'll see about getting a colour version here sooner or later. It's great".