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"I think I have a new favourite first panel of a comic, now".

"And you know what my favourite part of writing this strip is? It's when I realize something about how the characters act or why they act that way AFTER I've written it. It just occurred to me that Molotov is a lot quicker to defend Dave when other people criticize him in public than in any other situation. I kinda like that".

"So, I had an idea. Let me know if you're interested. E-mail me. There's certain parts of the story which I've realized ... don't necessarily need to be shown on-page, as it were, but which I have all plotted out in my head. For my part, I kinda feel like some of it is better served by keeping it in the background, you know"?

"But, I still kinda want to write these strips. So: Idea. Would anyone be interested in obtaining these 'behind the scenes' strips as rewards for doing things like providing advertising for the strip or donating cash towards the expenses of keeping it going? What I'm talking about is exclusive strips which would NEVER be made available on-line and which aren't NECESSARY for you to read in order to get the story, but which might give you additional insight into what's going on".

"So, yeah. Let me know. If there's enough interest in this, I'll make it happen".