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"Ah, the revival of a hallowed old D&V tradition: late updates. Feels just like yesteryear, don't it"?

"This'un took a while, and - you might have guessed - a large part of why the hiatus for so long. What is that? Ten new bits of character art? Twelve? Bah. Took me days".

"So, all of this aside. As a lot of you know, I was inspired to create this series by Harry Turtledove's WorldWar and Colonization series of novels, in which VM Molotov is one of the main characters. Well, faithful reader Darren McRoy has informed me that at long last, the eighth and final book in the series is finally out. But not in the Vancouver area. So, how does this sound to those of you who are feeling impoverished of points? Ten points to the first person who can fasion me with a copy of Harry Turtledove's Homeward Bound. E-mail me if you feel like earning a decapoint in short order".