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"Fourteen panels! A new record! I hope some of you are beginning to grasp, in light of all the original character art which is necessitated by this bit of story, why the hiatus lasted so long... ".

"Fun fact, by the way: in the dying days of VM's political career, he served as the Soviet Union's ambassador to Mongolia. It was meant as a punishment by then-premier of the USSR, Nikita Kruschev, whom Molotov had tried to oust from party leadership. Ol' VM made the best of it, however, and thrived in the role, much to Kruschev's ire, and was thus stripped even of this title".

"So anyways. The Genghis Khan art here comes with the assistance of forum-goer Chuck Plickens, without whom this strip would have been ten times as aggravating to produce. Two points to anyone who can figure out how he did this".

"And speaking of points, four points go to reader 'D TheMan'. I had offered ten points to any reader who could fashion me with a copy of Harry Turtledove's Homeward Bound. While D TheMan was unable to provide me with a print version, he did provide me with a text version, which I told him he could have four points for if he also provided me with a haiku about how much he likes clapping his hands. his response I print here: "

I so love to clap
The sound is pure bliss to me
My hands are cymbals

"Bravo, dear boy! you truly are the man, and let the record show that you have earned four points! All the world knows how easily I can be swayed with a good haiku about the clapping of hands. Hint, hint. Nevertheless, those other ten points are still out there,and there is a contender for them out there. Jhonny, I await your missive".

"Adittionally, there's this: "