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"So, we're back to Tigger and BJ for the time being. First time in a while. No, I hadn't forgotten this story-arc. It's all just a matter of pacing, you see".

"This having been said, let us celebrate the returrn of these two long-neglected cast members with a redux of strip #12 (BJ's first appearance), and a new Tigger wallpaper!"

"In other news, I got my nails done last night".

"Check out that gloss".

"A friend of mine named Deborah is studying to be a beautician, and needed to do someone's nails as a homework project, and I was the only one available. I don't object with the end result so much, in that it keeps me from biting my nails, and I love the clicking noises they make. Nor do I mind the 3.5 hour application process; tit-for-tat, as far as I'm concerned, given that I spent as long painting her last weekend. I just wonder why there's enough of a market for this sort of thing to support and industry. I mean, is ripping peoples' eyes out with your bare hands, augmented with cured and sculpted plastic-resin talons really THAT popular"?