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"And now you know what that symbol is... or at least, you have a tantalizing hint to try to wrap your heads around".

"So we're back. And you know, I think I've learned a lesson. Setting deadlines doesn't just make me slow to work on this comic. It makes everyone else slow as well".

"I got lots and lots of promises of guest strips, but in the end, only one Mr. Tom Barlow and one Mr. Jay Steen managed to come up with anything. Thus do I present you a comic which makes me laugh and which they have entitled 'The Undead Pirates and Prime Minisiters Pub Lunch'."

"Not that this is the only reason why things have been falling behind schedule. Some of the actors took forever to be able to find the time to do photo shoots with me, and that made doing the NEXT part of the comic impossible. That's been... partially sorted out now".

"And then there's the third reason, which is that I'm pretty sick of my dead-end job. Therefore, I have been pushing myself, artistically, like crazy. I'm putting together a portfolio with the intent of shopping it around at a couple of places, which I shall not at this time name."

"The various fruits of this labour can be seen in lotsa places."

"Special attention should be paid to this here. "

"And finally, as a little way to make up for my absence, I give you this little bit of self-indulgent bullshit. I hope you'll have the courtesy to save it to your hard drives and view it from there".