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"Oh, boy. Look who's back!"

"If this were a cartoon or a flash animation, there would be a twangy little bit of piano music in the second-to-last panel there. If you don't understand why, then you're young and ignorant."

"So, anyways. Bunch of little things. First, I'm proud to be able to live up to the suggestion that I might occasionally put out three strips in a week. But how much cooler to be able to do four? Yessah, as a commemoration of Colin's re-appearance in the strip after far too long an absence, I present this redux of his first appearance way back in strip #16."

So, okay. It's some kind of a holiday or other going on, if you're a christian. And for the record, in case I haven't made this clear, I'm really tired of that religion. It's been two thousand years. He's not coming back. Get over it. If you want me to expand upon this, you're in luck, because I already have.This having been said, this wallpaper image which I created as a bonus feature for strip #50, of the much-beloved Zombie Jesus sure has been getting a lot of play lately. For the record, I don't mind people using my images elsewhere, bandwidth-leeching notwithstanding. What I do mind is when it happens without my being given due credit. And this is a point I've made to about a dozen people today, alone. Because make no mistake: You do this, and I'll find out. My eyes are everywhere, and they never blink".

"So, last thing: I mentioned this a few days ago, but I mention it again now. I have a livejournal now. Go link to it. Add it to your friends list. Whatever. I've taken to updating it fairly regularly, and I practically only ever talk about artistic endeavours there, because why would you folks care to read anything else?"

"Oh! one last thing! If you're an artist with a reasonably cartoonty style and you'd like to do me a small favour with regards to D&V, e-mail me and we can talk. I'll make it worth your while"