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"For the sake of the international audience, RCMP stands for Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Basically our federal police force".

"So anyways. This was an ambitious one. Six new pieces of character art, and quite a bit of it I'm very fond of. Mid-way through doing all the new art for Colin, I figured out a new way to colour his hair that I like a lot, and I'll be doing it from now on, gradually replacing all the old-style colouration. This is one of the benefits of not yet having a print version; all the content, right back to strip #1 is dynamic content, as far as I'm concerned. Also, I'm happy to have good shots of almost the entire main cast from behind, in terms of the options that opens up in terms of blocking in a scene".

"So, enough technical stuff. Dolphins are stupid! Hah! Oh, that Colin. What a hoot. And, as usual, the stuff I think is funniest is actually that awkward moment of silence. Anyone who knows me knows how much stock I place in awkward moments of silence and pregnant pauses as comedic devices. I just can't get enough of them".

"Next item: As I'm sure you've noticed, the voting policy has changed somewhat, and new trappings go along with that. Voting incentives will be updated frequently but irregularly. Now, here's the part where I fuck with your heads: I will never announce when the incentives are changed, nor what they might be. In fact, there was an incentive up for the past two days which is gone now! If you didn't vote these past two days? Missed it! And you don't even know what it was! But I will tell you this: I worked for about five hours on it. It really kicked ass. It might come back some day, but for now, know this: That's how it'll always go. In fact, I will usually update the incentives on days when the comic DOESN'T update, so voting on days when there's no new comic is ESPECIALLY important! If you don't want to miss out, you'd best vote every day, just to be sure. Hah! Ain't I a bastard? Oh, ho ho ho ho! Delightful!"

"Oh, and on a less abusive note, I just felt like pointing out that March was the best month we've ever had here in terms of traffic. Things fell off a bit when I took that little hiatus last fall, and never quite caught up to the old levels again until just now, but I'm pleased to be able to report that not only has the amount of traffic caught up... it's surpassed all previous records! Huzzah"!

"One last thing: I could use some more photos of VM Molotov. If you send me one or more I don't have, then I might just take mercy on you and give you secret access to some of the incentives you might otherwise have missed".