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"As certain canny fans had anticipated, a D&V strip which is a multiple of 25 means only one thing: A revisiting of the Zombie Jesus on the moon meta-plot! If you're not quite getting this strip, read, at minimum, #25, #33, and #50 for the backstory here".

"Eowyn, I hope you're still reading D&V at this point. Don't think I'm not thinking of you as I write these things. Hah"!

"So anyways. The voting seems to be going pretty well, and that makes me happy. In return, you can expect, in the next couple of days, a voting incentive which I exaggerate in no way by calling fucking awesome. Let's just say I've figured out how to do things which aren't just images. Some of them might even be... music videos. Oh, yes".

"Last thing, today: Steve Cudmore is my special friend today, because he's the first person to have donated to the Keep-Dave's-Blood-Caffeinated-By-Means-Of-PayPal project. True, he's thus far the only person to have done so, but I hold out hope that you guys like the comics enough that a few more of you will be willing to donate enough cash for me to buy the 2 litre bottles of potable rocket fuel which I call Coca Cola which I require in order to produce them. Let the record show that Mr. Cudmore has gained 3 points today, and that today's comic is dedicated to him".