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"First point of business: The necessary donation total has been reached, and then some. In addition to those who I've thanked in the past couple of days, my sincere thanks go out to Patrick Schaldemose, Elizabeth C Brown (who's donated again!), and Guy Ganani. Once again, the rest of you fans owe these there a sincere thanks for financing your entertainment".

"Second order of business: Somethiing has become very clear to me: The audience for my comic and the audience for my artwork do not overlap the way I thought they did. I had so many people giving me cash for the comic, but almost nobody is buying my posters. Even where the comic and my body art over-lap (such as wherein I had the actress who plays Charlotte pose for a set), I just seem to have two different audiences. So, okay. I can deal with that. But what WOULD you guys like? There's a little survey deal over to the right there. Maybe you could give it a click. 'Cause, I mean, make no mistake: I'm incredibly flattered by the fact that you guys are willing to give away money for the sake of the strip. But when these same people aren't willing to spend money to receive something which they would then own, it's a mite peculiar to me. So it seems I'm failing to reach you guys, in terms of what you want. Help me to correct that".

"Third order of business: As promised, the goal having been met far ahead of the due date, you can expect five new comics today and in the next four days, as well as new voting incentives througout. Also, all the old voting incentives (I think...!) are now to be found in ye olde Extras section. Keep comin' on back. It'll be rough on me, but you guys have earned it".

"Fourth! Today's comic is wierdly apropos, in light of what's currently going on in Canadian politics. Turns out, we're going to be having ANOTHER federal election in the next couple of months. The last one was, what? Seven months ago? The writing's been on the wall for a while now; everyone knew this government would collapse sooner or later, and I suppose that it's just as well that the Liberal party has beaten the Conservatives to the punch by just announcing a new election, but even still... Ah, well. For my own part, I've finally decided to stand and be counted. Last week, I officially joined the New Democratic Party. I've never joined a party before, so this is a little wierd for me, but I felt like it was time. The NDP has consistently shown themselves to be clear-thinking and honest, even when it might not make them the best of friends to have done so, and have won my loyalty. I suspect that they - or, should I say, we - will do somewhat better in this election than we did in the last one. From what I've heard, a whole lot of Liberals are jumping ship from their middle-of-the-road party to join the far left in the NDP, and this bodes well for us. What's more, it's hardly surprising. Ultimately, power corrupts, and the Liberals have been in power for twelve years. I think anyone in power for that long will end up being pretty twisted and sick. It's time for them to spend some time in the shadows, so that they can remind themselves of who they're supposed to be".

"Fifth and final order of business. Check out this film. I ordered a copy of it briefly before my financial woes set in, and I'm eagerly awaiting the June 6th release date. It's a documentary, whose basic premise is this: Jesuss Christ was never anything but a fictional character. The folks who wrote the bible were writing a mythology, and never meant for it to be taken literally. To do so is a misinterpretation. Let's look at the case that Jesus is nothing but a fictional character, and see where that logic takes us. Among other people contributing to this film is my personal hero, Richard Dawkins. I can't wait".