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"Colin's dialogue in panel eight there comes courtesy of the real-life Colin Macdonald, who, believe it or not, actually IS a chef, and who actually IS a sick, degenerate human being".

"So, as it turns out, I'm just not biologically capable of handling deadlines. This week, I got into this terrible, terrible state. I would wake up every hour, on the hour (give or take), thinking to myself, I need to get some work done on the strip...! But then I would think, I need to get some more sleep...! And then I would go back to sleep. But it would be fitfull sleep. And it would take me ten to fifteen minutes to get there. The result would be that I would spend about 12 hours in bed in order to get eight hours of sleep, and in the end, still be too exhausted to get ny work done. And besides, I wouldn't have the time, because I'd be getting ready for work again. Quite frankly, I find it remarkable I got any damned thing done at all this week".

"I will try to make it up to you folks. Most particularly those who donated. I'm gonna come up with at least three strips next week. MAYBE four. But most likely not. It's gonna be busy".

"And busy with what? Well, as it so happens, Mr. BJ Summers is to wed his long-term girlfriend, Mariko MacDonald (no known relation to Colin), and I am going to be the best man. If you think you won't be seeing photos of BJ and I with tuxedos on by the end of the weekend, you just don't know me very well".

"So, here's something. BJ has been involved with this strip basically since day 1. In addition to the acting which he puts in for his character, I bounce ideas for the comic off of him more than anyone else (except maybe Chris Langmuir), and he's come up with a lot of ideas for the strip which have made it into the story. Therefore, I say it's fair to say that fans of this strip are, within a certain tolerance, fans of BJ Summers. And so I invite you to e-mail me any congratulations, well-wishes, or greetings you'd like to see forwarded to BJ on this most auspicious occasion".

"Oh, and you can expect to see a new movie as a voting incentinve in the next couple of days. I've been practicing in front of my bathroom mirror. It's horrible".