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"That was a terrible fucking week. I think I know, now, what it's like to be a very old man. It fills me with dread for the future. For the past week, I've been getting about 3 hours of sleep per day. A variety of reasons play thier hideous parts in this pageant of suffering, not least of all heavy construction happening immediately outside my bedroom window for ten of the fifteen hours a day I spend at home. Terrible".

"The result? No memory retension. A three minute attention span. Sore knees and feet all day every day. Blurred vision. Constant aches and pains. Spontaneous blackouts".

"I really kind of wish my employers had agreed to give me a day or so off to rest and recover while construction wasn't ocurring. At one point, I actually took the desperate step of setting up a little bed in my washroom, where it was dark, and considerably quieter. My room-mate, Aaron, did not care for that strategem. I, in turn, informed him that I did not care for his momma, but since her prices were so reasonable, I was willing to overlook her stench and questionable charms".

"So, yeah, no comics this past week. Photoshop was open on my desktop pretty much the whole time, but not a lot was happening in that window. Indeed, I think that, in total, I got nothing at all done but two LiveJournal entries all week. Terrible".

"Anyways! Back to the main story! This one was tricky for me to write, I realized, because BJ and VM have never interacted on-panel before without Dave as an intermediary. Working out the character dynamic was tricky. I think it works, though".

"So, what else? Oh! Big update on my portfolio page over here, for reasons which will hopefully soon be made clear".

"And! The actor who plays the part of Colin, a fellow by the name of Colin Macdonald, has the GRAND OPENING of his restaurant and coffee bar here in Vancouver, BC, today. It is called La Cucina Del Diavolo, which is Italian for 'The Devil's Kitchen'. Visit the site here! If you show up today, you can get a free cup of coffee! Now, I'll tell you: I'm no coffee fan. But Colin? He makes a mean cappuccino".