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"Well, THAT sucked".

"For those of you who hadn't heard, I suffered a major, major hard drive crash there, which denied me access to all of my D&V files. Illustrative of how major it is the following incident which occurred immediately afterwards: When I went to access the D drive (after re-installing my entire operating system fom scratch on my C Drive), I was primly informed that my D drive was not formatted, and was subsequently asked if I might like to format it then".

"Well, no, you work-devouring devil-machine, I would NOT like to!".

"Some helpfull advice from one of the readers of my livejournal led me to the software needed to recover most of my files, and much of what I was unable to recover, I had backed up to a few CDs. So, we're back on-track now".


"So, as you may notice, I'm trying something new here. While my scripts are always structured with a ten-to-thirteen panel layout in mind, sometimes it's damned tricky to squeeze it all into one page. And, while I'm committed to keeping to a uniform page size, it has ocurred to me that I am by no means required to present just one such page at a time. I rather like this solution; not only does it make assembling the strip far easier, since it's not a struggle to squash everything I need to have onto just one page, it also allows me to show my illustrations at much greater size than usual, so far less of that fine detail work I put into each illustration is lost. I think I'll do more of this".

"Expect a new strip on tuesday, and vote today for a snazzy voting incentive, which gives a taste of something coming up soon".