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"Here’s your puppy.

This is the first of two parts of a script I wrote some time ago. It was early in the morning, and I was all sleep-deprived and crazy, and on my way into a Knight & Day restaurant, and just sort of envisioning the ultimate exchange between myself and a waiter. Even as I was being seated, I was at once both biting my tongue and giggling madly. As soon as I was seated, I whipped out my notebook and began to madly scribble down the conversation as I would have had it. Later, when I had gotten some sleep and re-read what I had written, it became clear to me that I had basically been writing Colin there. The fact that where my brain goes when I’m sleep-deprived and crazy is little different from Colin tells a lot, I think, about the way my brain works.

We’ll be resuming the story where we left off in a short while. This script just seemed like a good place to pick up after this latest hiatus, since it was nice and continuity-light. Have no fear, though: Artwork aside (and let me take this opportunity to say how absolutely overjoyed I am to see my characters so lovingly rendered on a regular basis by the talented Ms. Maggie), this isn’t really representative of what’s to come; the story will continue, with only occasional deviations into this sort of weird aside".






Dave needs some text to upload to the comic, so here goes. Greetings and Salutations, I'm Maggie bones, and I'll be your illustrator hence forth. I don't really have much to say about this comic, except that the script made me laugh so hard I think I peed a little. I just hope my drawings live up to it. Things are going to be a little shaky for a bit while we try and get this thing back on it's feet; I've never drawn any comic to this scale before and I'm still experimenting with shit and getting a grasp on the characters. Feedback, questions, suggestions and souls are welcome. Hit me up at maggie_bones@hellokitty.com.

It's people like Colin that make me glad I'm not a waitress anymore.