We had actually had another set planned for yesterday, but it was to have been an outdoors shoot, and the weather was just not working for us. Determined to claim victory from the jaws of defeat, however, we decided instead to do a shoot inside of my apartment. Moreover, we decided to do something I had only done a bare handful of times before, and not for several years now: To do a set with no advance planning or preparation of any kind.

This was a pretty satisfying experience, all told, to be able to just cut loose and see what I could come up with as I went along. It was naturally made all the more satisfying thought the lovely and talented model, Rinjii, and the photographic talents of Jason J. Romein, who some may recall my having worked with some months ago, and who I feel has come along by leaps and bounds as a photographer just in that time.

Our previous plans we have put off for two weeks, and hopefully the weather will allow us to pursue those plans when the time comes; a hope made all the more engaging by the excellent results of this collaboration.

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